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About me

Long story short, I am an artist, therapist, counsellor and traveller of life. I like nourishing food, coffee, and sometimes a glass of red wine. My daily rituals are creation, meditation and visualization, yoga, running, ocean swimming and sunshine. And last but not least, my biggest value is freedom.

The slightly longer version

After discovering that studying science of religion and social science was not for me, I studied wood sculpting for three years, followed by another six years of bachelor and master’s studies in fine arts. I then began working as artist with numerous exhibitions in galleries, museums, and art fairs such as Art Basel, Art Cologne, Art Zurich… As a single mother, this was not always easy and required a great deal of creativity and, above all, TRUST in life itself.

As a creative, I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound contrast between the healing power of art and the crippling fears which can be released when we allow ourselves to dream, create, and share the fruits of our vivid imagination. As a highly sensitive, deeply complex, relentlessly curious, endlessly positive, rather untypical, and highly hyphenated person, I can understand the overwhelming feelings we can struggle with as we set out to on our individual journeys.

While navigating my own rebellious path, breaking free from various limitations, and working and growing on my own personal challenges, I was continually reminded of the cathartic power of art.

More and more I noticed a distinct lack of diversity, that highlights an opportunity to amplify the voices and creative vision of others.

So, I began to create and live my interface and continued my education in many ways to become an art therapist. I studied art therapy, psychological counselling, coaching and holistic nutritional counselling and began to work in a wide variety of areas, gaining experience and expanding my wealth of experience as an art therapist and creativity counsellor.

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Why Creativity Counselling?

In the future, personal creativity will become an extremely important resource. Openness to new things and the ability to be inspired is the breeding ground on which it can thrive. Together we work on unfolding your creative potential and being able to enjoy the flow all-encompassing.

As a professional creative, life artist and entrepreneur with many years of experience in the fields of art, innovation, and mentoring, I support people in developing their personal creative potential. Through practical exercises and an unconventional approach, I directly enable them to be creative themselves, to develop more of their own ideas and to find new solutions.

We are all born creative, but sometimes we forget. Perfectionism, overwhelm, self-criticism and distraction are common challenges; challenges we face every day.

The world wants creative thinkers TODAY and for the FUTURE, as it seems to be one of the most important skills for a rapidly changing world. Creativity is not only for artists, but also for EVERYONE and there are lots of ways to think and be creative, no matter where you find yourself.

Where life coaching and traditional business coaching are mainly goal-focused, creativity coaching is focusing on the process, honouring the non-linear process of creativity, and the independent creative personality.

Focusing on the process means it’s about the work. It’s not about popularity, likes, or hustle. It’s about doing work that adds value to your life and the life of your family, friends, customer… , in a way you enjoy.

My focus

I take a holistic approach. We humans are complex, multi-faceted, multi-passionate and creativity is anything but linear.

Our lifestyle affects our creativity.

Our energy plays a part in how often we create, and how much we enjoy the process.

And our emotional states can powerfully influence the creative work itself. As complex beings, any change in one area of ​​our lives has an impact on the bigger picture. After a lifelong study of creativity and mental and physical health, I have seen the impact that our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being can have on our creative lives.

This is the foundation of my approach to supporting and guiding you through a transformative process to discover your unique path in creating. No matter what current status is, I meet you “where you are” and help you to get “where you are going”.

My mission and/or vision

I believe that when every single person is able to access the potential of their AUTHENTIC SELF and  SHARE THAT WITH OTHERS, we can build a better world.


We recognise that our studios are on Bunurong Country and pay tribute to the traditional owners of this country past, present and future.
We appreciate that we are able to make and teach art in this country and keep the importance of the tradition of this land in our hearts as an art and coaching community.